The greatest strength of the Western Piedmont Regional Emergency Management Task force is the ability to share assets in time of crisis. The combined strength is greater than each of the member counties could ever achieve on their own.

These resources range from specialized equipment to personnel. In the event of an emergency, these resources and personnel can be deployed in an efficient and rapid manner to meet the need anywhere in the region.

Each of the five member counties brings resources and specialties to the table. For example, Oconee County has a deep water dive team. Anderson County has a unified mobile command center and hazmat vehicle. Abbeville county has the ability to handle another counties 911 dispatch needs in the event of a failure of that system in another county.

Other counties have fire, rescue, and other equipment to help meet the needs of displaced people and damaged infrastructure. All have personnel willing to lend a helping hand to their neighbor in need.

The concept of a joint aid response benefits the lives of all who reside in the region